Friday, February 19, 2010

Freeware Update: Coolterm v1.2.0

What's new:

- Added "Line Mode" to the communication settings. In "Line Mode" a line of typed text will not be sent to the serial port until the Enter key is pressed.
- Added "History" which is available in "Line Mode" the up and down arrow keys can be used to select previously typed lines.
- Added a receive buffer size limit option.
- Added handling of the bell character (ASCII code 7), which can be enabled through the communication settings.
- It is now possible to open the communication settings and edit certain options while the serial port is open.
- The viewer mode (plain or hex) is now saved as parameter in connection settings files.
- The size and position of terminal windows is now saved with connection settings.
- Fixed bug that converted occurrences CR+CR+LF strings to single spaces on Windows.

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